February 1-12, 2002

Our Hillberg tent, as seen the first morning, February the 4th, some 15 km North of Hveravelir. This first night was calm, a perfect start after the storm that hit Iceland the day before. Crossing Kjölur without a strong wind-proofed tent like this would have been far less confortable. The only problem was the lack of snow, barely enough to hold the pegs.


One of the highlight of our trip was undoubtely the natural hot water (and the nearby heated hut) in Hveravelir. We stayed about half an hour in the 40 degrees natural pool, as the external temperature was about minus 12 degrees with a light Northwind. I think that if we were not so tired and hungry we would have stayed much more longer, maybe too long...


Those are two quite emblematic views of our tour: sunny weather but stormy wind. Unlike most of the time, here we were heading slightly against the wind in the aera of Skalplanes. An exhausting task, but a nice picture, isn't it!


The sunset was so dramatic in the Jarlhettur chain but unfortunately, we spot no northernlight during the following night. We were more lucky at Pjofadalir 4 days earlier. This time instead of that we had succession of terrible gusts challenging our tent and nerves throughout the night until the next (and last) morning.


A small summit in front of the Langjökull with Bastien enjoying the view...


...and this is the view!


We were picked up at Hagavtn on February the 11th by Ingi. The team and the pulka posing in front of his 4X4 on the beach West of Stokkseyri on the south coast during our trip back to Reykjavik.