Nekrayak  2002 - Lovers in the Wind
(an expedition dedicaced to Claire and Beryl)

Nekrayak is the North-Est wind - it is male.
Pittarak is the North-West wind - it is Nekrayak's wife.
Kadannek is the South-Est wind - it is their son.
Pouwanguartek is the South-West wind - it is their daughter.

It is said that when Nekrayak blows, he is searching for his wife.
Long time ago, when Nekrayak was blowing for too long,
an old woman went outside the igloo to lay down naked to calm him. 

The goal:

To cross the greenlandic icecap between Isertoq and Kangerlussuaq, using the most possible the wind.

The team:

Emmanuel Eggermann and Alexandre Masselot, from Geneva, Switzerland.
We have already done this crossing in 98, in 19 days. The idea is to merge classic techniques with modern approach
(using a large range of nasa kites, with light randonnee skis (Trab Sintesi, with light racing Scarpa shoes) to profit
on the wind as much as we can on the good days.

- Click on the map to see our  last known position:


- Online sat-phone reports (in french).

Departure: 6 May 2002.
Arrival: 21 May 2002, 15h05 UTC
We have done the crossing of the icecap between Isortoq and Kangerlussuaq in:

! 11 days 7 hours 11 minutes !

At this time and to our knowledge we are the third more rapid team to have crossed the icecap unsupported between Isortoq and Kangerlussuaq.